In Case If My Truck Break Down

by Cashbomb

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released February 10, 2016

bass & voice - ken "yuge arms" bae
drums - tim "gettin' quick widdit" murphy
guitar & voice - andy "adny" slepman
writing/production/recording/mixing/mastering - adny

album art by will "kyle sanders" s. & adny

special thanks to rest of The Alcohols- don, dan, jerry & ryan- for their musical & spiritual contributions to the song Abilene



all rights reserved


Cashbomb Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"It's Not Trash, Mom; It's CASHBOMB"

[2 B CONT'D]

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Track Name: Overwhelmed
be honest
do you maybe regret
the times you shook your head

beyond the situation at hand
i wonder what you'd've said

but it's easy to relieve
two-bit heartache on your sleeve

once again
is it fate
ask my friends
they don't know
why should they?
keep it real
and good day

a conversation isn't between
it's for or at to me
a social situation is yours to try
and then to keep


a good day
oo-oo and most of'em still are
oo-oo or most of'em could be
Track Name: Nothing Fixes Anything
no mass begins
nor ever dies
same holds for problems
in my eyes

ten plus three is still thirteen

nothing fixes anything
nothing fixes anything

so much at stake
i'm sure there is
give me a break
there's always been

nice and slow
mold regrows


nothing fixes anything
even when it does
nothing fixes anything
all is as it was
Track Name: Abilene
he's a three-piece man with a well-placed hand
he withdrew $100 from the ATM
and he bought his wife a nice bottle of wine
and he bought his wife with a bottle of wine
and when he smokes a cigar you know he takes his time
and he makes his calls while he's standing in line
and his mistress knows he's a case and a half
no one knows when he's crying or trying to laugh

o-oh no
might as well go
if you all want to that sounds good to me
we'll take a lifelong trip to Abilene

well i fought my way through a herd of moose
and i tightened some screws that i heard were loose
but my license expired and now my shrink has retired
and my mind's on strike until she gets rehired
as a CEO with a knee-deep wage
and a VIP spot when the lot gets paved
well if that's all it takes my dear, why didn't you just say?
we've got lots of options in a state of disarray
don't we?

o-oh no
might as well go
if you all want to that sounds good to me

better better
yep it could be better but it
it could always be worse my friend
if you're not accelerating you're just procrastinating and you
might as well take a lifelong trip to Abilene